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HERE: 2021 – International Performing Arts Festival
, as a rhizome, assembles works as an array of attractions, as a nomadic playlist of events. Works that can excite and evoke empathy, that can be poetic and unusual, yet that can twist expectations, co-opting the spectators as imaginative authors. It’s like charting a cartography of poetic visions through performances that can generate emotions, sensitively empowering aesthetics. Projects that avoid predetermined outcomes and that escape strict definitions of genre.

The collaboration between artists is one of the central cores of the programme, that includes dance performances; conversations; experimental films and silent movie projections, with live concerts of well known composers and musicians. Along the festival, the exciting project of visual artist Luciano Goizueta (CR) will define hybrids territories, archiving events and constantly collecting metadata.

The festival will take place from 16 September to 3 October 2021 at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts and art gallery Lokstallet in Strömstad.
Read more about the festival here:

Festival’s program:

Week 1: 13 – 19 September

16.09. – Thomas Hauert (BE/CH). Performance “Inaudible”.
18.09. – Wee/Francesco Scavetta/Gry Kipperberg/Laida Lertxundi/Sheriffs of
Nothingness (NO/ES). Performance “UNDER THE NOTHING NIGHT”.

19.09. – Laida Lerxundi’s (ES). 16 mm films and online lecture.

19.09. – Concert by Edison Studio (IT) and silent film “Battleship Potemkin” (by Sergei M. Eisenstein).

Week 2: 20 – 26 September

23.09. – Gunilla Heilborn (SE) & Kim Hiorthøy (NO). Performance “Why I wear this

24.09. – Concert by Lisa Ullén & Nina De Heney (SE) and silent film “The Seashell and
the Clergyman” (by Germain Dulac).

24.09. – Concert by Matti Bye (SE) + Laura Launau (FI) and silent film “LIMITE” (by
Mario Peixoto).

25.09. – Opening Luciano Goizueta (Costa Rica) exhibition at art gallery Lokstallet in Strömstad.

26.09. – Kinkaleri (IT). Performance “OTTO”.

Week 3: 27 September – 3 Oktober

28.09. – Stina Nyberg/Riksteatern (SE). Performance “Lucky Numbers”.

01.10. – Cullberg (SE) /Deborah Hay (US). Performance “Horse, the solos”

02.10. – Cullberg (SE) /Deborah Hay (US). “The Match”

03.10. – Jo Fong/Sonia Hughes (UK). Performance “Neither Here Nor There”

03.10. – Concert by ZAWA ZAWA aka Lisa Nordstrom (SE) / Mika Takehara (SE/JP).
Silent films by Maya Deren.

Week 4: digital festival

8-9.10. – Opening of Luciano Goizueta’s exhibition at Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts

Week 5: side program

14-17.10. – Opening of Luciano Goizueta exhibition at Faux Pas (Göteborg)

Information about the tickets coming soon.

With the support of the Swedish Arts Council, Västra Götalandsregionen, municipality of Tanum, and municipality of Strömstad.

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