HERE: 10 Evenings (2017)

Into the wild  no77 rgb 1650

HERE: 10 Evenings is inspired by the ’66 cult event titled “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering”, conceived by Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Klüver, that saw artists and engineers collaborate to create a blend of avant-garde theatre, dance, music and new technologies.

HERE: 10 Evenings aims to rediscover the ideal core of the ’66 festival presenting performances and events that question the performativity and trigger the associative mind of the audience. An occasion for the audiences of Tanum and Strømstad to engage with projects that involves strong artistic personalities within performing arts, film, dance and contemporary music.

A relaxed country side landscape is the backdrop for reflection and hang out, poetic experience and participation.

HERE 10 EVENINGS 2017 Festival Documentary from Klaas Boelen on Vimeo.

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