Vitlycke-CPA has been established by dancer and choreographer Francesco Scavetta.
Scavetta directs, together with Gry Kipperberg, the Norwegian dance company Wee.

Production and administration
Artistic direction: Francesco Scavetta,
Producers: Rūta Qallaki, (on parental leave)
Hosting and coordination: Ida Melander
Translations: Marie Söderström
Maintenance: David Langhorne
House management: Blanca Estela Alvarez de Solorzano
Economy administration: Ingrid Trogen/Bohusekonomi

Technical team
Technician: Stefano Stacchini (light), Matteo Dell’Unto (sound)
Technical support: LiveLab (Roberl Axelsson, Jonas Bonnier)
Technical Assistant: Riina Kalmi
Graphic design: Elkemo/Emerson Wilshier
Web-design: Anyone
Videography: Klaas Boelen, Donovan von Martens, Joseph Amegatcher

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