lovisa baldal

Residency in collaboration with Kultur i Väst

Choreography: Lovisa Baldal Dancers: Martina Ivanovski, Johanna Byström and Tove Alström Johansson

29.05 - 18.06

In a meeting between modern dance and Chinese martial art, dancer and choreographer Lovisa Baldal investigates the possibilities of creating a unique movement language.
Together with three female dancers, she shows a work in progress filled with dance, kungfu and girlpower.

Lovisa works as a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Gothenburg where she, among other things, is one in the duo behind the newly founded Danish company Kompani Baldal and Kivimäki.
Since 2010, Lovisa has practiced Shaolin Wushu, Kungfu, where she is now at the national level. In his
First meeting with Wushu, the fascination was total, and the feeling of combining physical precision, explosiveness and flow with mental balance, humility and strength has developed into a lifestyle.

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