greatest hits - price


Concept / choreography, production, performance and song: Mathias Ringgenberg (Switzerland) alias PRICE Created in collaboration with: Alban Schelbert and Marc Hofweber Sound: Alban Schelbert and PRICE Sound Mix: Marc Hofweber Monitoring: Niklaus Gehring Daniel
With support by: Tanzhaus (Zurich), Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts (Tanumshede)


Time: 19:00 Duration: 50’min
The residency and the concert/performance are realised within an exchange project between Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts and Tanzhaus (Zurich).

PRICE is an art project by Mathias Ringgenberg. Greatest Hits is the name of his debut album and performance that could not be more pop. Yes, it seems an almost, PRICE must have invented the Pop. Greatest Hits deals with nostalgic feelings of existing lyrics and melodies, embodied in mechanisms of mainstream pop while attempting the potential of musical and performative formats to explore. A collection of eight songs featuring simple solid emotional lyric and captivating R’n’B beats that talk about the longing, lust and fantasies that drive us all.
PRICE is the alter ego of performance artist Mathias Ringgenberg from Switzerland whose fascination with the glittering and thoroughly calculated activities of pop became inspiration for his musical debut.
The artwork is created from the user perspective, which looks pop as a commercial design in a globalized language, which is defined by speed, mutation and non-identification. How does the new globalized language affect us? Where in is its freedom? PRICE creates music with references to pop and joins it to a new level: “I want to lift the cover of music and allow intellectual access to an otherwise superficial business.”

Mathias Ringgenberg (born in Rio de Janeiro) completed his Master in Theater & Performing Arts in 2015 at the College of Arts Bern, Switzerland, and has since performed in Zurich, Basel, Los Angeles and more.

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