animalarium - alexandra wingate / lena kimming / olive schellander


Artistic leaders, performers and producers:
Lena Kimming, dancer and choreographer
Alexandra Wingate, performer and choreographer
Olive Schellander, dancer and choreographer
Josefina Björk, interactive video and performance artist

The project is interdisciplinary, based in Sweden, and the group has competence in choreography, performance, videoart, installation, sound and light design, photography, moving image, grafic design, interactive performance, interactive web, web communication, IT, programming and technology.

Development of the (web) work and reference persons for feedback:
Eric Sjögren, light and sound design, and technical producer, Thomas Wingate, projectleader and concept developer for softwear and web platforms. Ola Janson, web strategist and game designer. Carl Javér, Anna Björemark and Astrid Askberger filmmakers. Karin Lindroth, communicator, graphic designer and conceptual artist. Louise Waite communicator and performance artist

29.09 - 16.10

In Animalarium we are interested in how live is shaped online and how objectifying processes sadly seems to be an unavoidable follower to these forms. Our aim is to find methods to make art that in its content, form and placement can show the problematic aspects of how material is published, spread and consumed online. (Performance) art that can infiltrate sites with work that questions materials on the particular site. And in this way place the art at the same place where the situation we want to question exists.

We who gaze in parasitic rapture
Hannah Giorgis, feminist writer in The Guardian and more, writes on how we participate in creating and upholding negative structures in society through how material is published, spread and consumed online. An example she mentions is the publication and reaction to a film (at where a famous male NFL player brutally assaults his then girlfriend. She writes ”we feel entitled (and excited) to access gut-wrenching images of a woman being abused – to be entranced by the looks of domestic violence – speaks volumes not only about the man who battered her, but also about we who gaze in parasitic rapture. We click and consume, comment and carry on.”
Giorgis puts words on the emphatical blunting that exists online between consumer and the lead(s) of the material. An emphatical blunting that can lead to objectifying, dehumanising, and violence romanticizing behaviour.

Biographies of the Team
Swedish choreographer Alexandra Wingate (b. 1981) returned to Sweden after receiving her BA (Hons) and MA Choreography from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, in 2009. Her MA research centered around how the cognitive processes of forming emotions and conscious thought relate to the process of choreography and improvisation.  And on the co-authorship together with the dancers.
Besides the works created within the framework of the research project Sex as commercial instinct Alexandra has since 2007 created several choreographic works. The ANSWER clinic, Numen Human, Interior Life, Rapacious Excellence, and Mutism and Mutability has been performed in Sweden, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom and Mexico.
Alexandra also works with method development and process facilitation for interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborative processes within her own project in KOLT – a creativity workshop. KOLT gathers participants from the whole of world to work together for 10 days. KOLT aims to give the participants the opportunity to share experiences, take part in each others creative process and build networks. KOLT started in 2007, and has since 2010 focused on creating platforms for indigenous artists from the Barents region, the Sámi. KOLT has been arranged at the leading Sami festivals in Norway. The latest KOLT was organized May 2014 in Solola, Guatemala.
Alexandra is a part of the art group The non existent Center´s artistic direction.  The non existent Center runs Ställberg Mine, a arena for contemporary art and thought in Ljusnarsberg, a rural municipality in Bergslagen. Ställberg´s 28 meter high mining tower is the basis for international residences, festival and exhibitions. The arena is an interdisciplinary platform for researching the human existence in a heavily depopulated community.  The critical relationships between centralised cities and the countryside play a central role, as well as the movements of “escape”. This is a place where one seeks the idyllic tranquility of the countryside, one get located escaping war-torn homelands and one leaves escaping the depopulated areas unemployment. The research is practical and integrated with the community, and is given form by artistic, social and political works. We ask: What are the potentials of working with an expanded view of art as ongoing social and political processes? And how does geography and identity relate to these processes? Can the situation of a small so called dying municipality allow us to better know the consequences of global neoliberalism and the current Swedish welfare policies? Through the arena we seek to create possibilities to research and to act socially, politically and artistically in these questions.

Olive Schellander, born in Carinthia/Austria, obtained a Master in Choreography at the Institute of Dance Arts/ Anton Bruckner University Linz, Austria in 2011 after graduating from Laban Dance Center with a BA Dance Theatre. Since moving to Vienna Olive has been involved with various artists in the roles of both a performer, choreographer and collaborator as well as working with dance production and project management.
In 2015 Olive is part of the LifeLongBurning SuSy (Exchange Programme) at UFERSTUDIOS Berlin and performed with BAROKTHEGREAT at Brut and in «Offnature» (since 2012) at WUK Performing Arts in the beginning of this year. Currently she assists peer artist Deborah Hazler in KEEP US GOING, that premiered at BRUT Theatre in April.

A first part of her recent solo research «Shame and Body Worship» (working title) was presented in the frame of «dance2art» in november 2014 in Carinthia/ Austria. Earlier that year she danced in Oleg Soulimenko’s latest piece «The Dance I Don’t Want to Remember» at Tanzquartier Wien and performed as text performer with visual artist Lilo Nein in «To Insist On Performance» and «We Are the Text».

As dancer she also worked for Stephanie Cumming, Augusto Corrieri and Zoi Dimitrou, Angela Woodhouse and Katy Pendlebury (dance film «ICON») in the UK. She has choreographed for x.ida dance company, Rosidant collective and as performer/actress in theatre productions of Claudia Bühlmann in TagTheater and Dschungel Wien.
Olive’s own works have been showcased in Austria, Sweden and the UK. Her and the collective Rosidant presented «Punschkrapfen for Presidency!», a performance installation that occupied the presidential chamber in the Austrian Parliament on Women’s Day 2011 and «Trauma in Pink», a dance theatre performance for ARGE Salzburg. As part of Stückwerk 2010 at Tanzquartier Wien she created «Studio Noir» with Anna Nowak (The Loose Collective) focusing on translatic the cinematic of film noir into the choreographic. With dance artist Nora Elberfeld she devised and performed the project «JuxdiePose», a duet on the subject of the anagrammatic body, that won third prize for Tanztage 2010 at Posthof Linz.
In 2013 her and Alexandra Wingate created a common research base «Sex as Commercial Instinct». First performance excerpts «Dear Real Doll» and «Kill the Doll Show» where presented in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2013.
Olive has also been facilitating Feedback Sessions, a monthly event at the ttp WUK Vienna for artists to share their own work or raw ideas, and making use of a practice of feedback. She received the Performing Arts Grant for young artists by the Austrian Ministry for Arts & Culture and the Training Scholarship (one year) at Tanzquartier Wien in 2010. She has been part of the Workshop & Research team at Impulstanz -Vienna International Dance Festival and manages the IDOCDE (International Documentation for Contemporary Dance Education) symposium.

Lena Kimming from Växjö, Sweden received a Master in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Independent Dance in London 2012 and a BA Dance Theatre from Laban in 2006. Lena has been working with a variety of groups and artists in the UK and Sweden for the past ten years as performer, choreographer and in educational roles. In 2015 she is working with artists Janine Harrington and team (UK), Alexandra Wingate (S), Olive Schellander (A), Majula Drammeh (S), Maija Ikonen (F) and Josefina Björk (S). In 2014 Lena worked with the Swedish theatre group Poste Restante (since 2008). She co-created an improvised performance with the interdisciplinary Cabal Performance Group (since 2011) with members from Norway and Sweden that toured to Querétaro Mexico, Kautokeino, Norway, Gothenburg and north Bohuslän Sweden. She was resident artist at Ställbergs Gruva and created the participatory work The ANSWER clinic in collaboration with choreographer Alexandra Wingate. She performed the dance performance The Doing for school year 3-6 in Sweden and taught dance workshops for the students.
Lenas work has been created and shown in UK, Sweden, Germany and USA. Mainly solo shows based on improvisational structures attempting to evade hierarchies between body – feeling – intellect while dealing with various current subjects or questions such as bodiliness of Christianity, touch, the properties of an answer and more. Sometimes these performance are on stage and other times in selected sites and last year also in conversation with audience. Works include The ANSWER clinic (2014), Numen Human and Frames (2013), Close (2012), Kod (2011), As sure as a nectarine (2009) and She walks (2008). Lena has also performed her adaptation of the Runner choreographed by Deborah Hay (2007) since being part of the Solo Performance Commissioning Project, most recent public performance was in Örebro Sweden 2013.
 Lena has been invited for residencies at Beaivvas the Sami National Theatre in Norway with project Numen Human 2013. Centrum för scenisk rörelse och eget skapande in west Sweden with project Numen Human 2011 & 2012, Italienska Palatset in Växjö Sweden 2009 and Artoll Bedburg Hau in Germany 2007 & 2008.  

Josefina Björk is a visual and performance artist with her base in Gothenburg where she studies Free art at Akademin Valand. She works foremost with room and body as medium and often with a starting point in scenography. Regardless if it is interactive performance, installation or photo, identity and culture is recurring themes. Through scenography she places the work in an art context and style that can support and mirror the psychological dilemmas, societal phenomena or emotional state that the visitor to the work of art is invited to investigate. Her latest work Dance Machine is shown at Stadsmuseet in Gothenburg during this summer.

Eric Sjögren is a musician, sound designer and artist from Bergslagen, Sweden. He is initiator to the art group The Non Existent Centre and Ställbergs Gruva. He works in 2015 among other things with the dance company Arkeolog8 with premier in May at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. Eric was also sound designer for Susanne Ostens last performance at Unga Klara, Lammungarnas fest. He is currently doing his last term at Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola in the program Sound Design for Stage. In Animalarium Eric is technical producer, sound and light designer.

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