lost accidentally - wee/francesco scavetta

Concept, choreography: Francesco Scavetta Created in collaboration with: Gry Kipperberg, Luke Divall, Ismaera Takeo Ishii, Meleat Fredrikson, Riina Kalmi Music: Henrik Olsson Sound design: Gianluca Mastronardi Dramaturg: Sasa Bosic Light design: Stefano Stacchini Light technician: Gunnva Meinseth Costume design: Gjøril B. Sæther Scenography: Francesco Scavetta / Gjøril B. Sæther
Production: Wee Co-production: Dansens Hus/Oslo In collaboration with: Vitlycke-Centre for performing arts, Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), Espacio Ibsen (Cuba)
Supported by:
Arts Council Norway, Fond for Lyd og Bilde

20.11 - 11.12

Sometimes things get accidentally lost and never show up again.

The act of vanishing: we are all searching for something to be grasped, if not is lost forever.
There is a game that Freud describes as: “Children making things disappear and reappear, over and over, again”, as if they are practicing the experience of loss.

Lost accidentally deals with theme of loss and being lost. On how the different experiences related to “lost” affect us. On an individual and personal level and how we, as a society, are affected. We are under the threat of deletion – not just by death- by simple means of forgetting or being forgotten. It’s the constant dialectic between permanency towards irreversibility. The sense of loss and deletion it’s the manufacture of absence. It’s the reconstruction of the moment when everything went wrong. It’s a peaceful space, it’s allowing the unexpected, it’s a before facing an after. Lost is not just a personal material thing -the object that slipped from our pocket. It’s the irreversible changes of our personal life and society and our inadequacy of facing those changes. Starting to say something in a conversation and deciding to remain silence instead. It’s like erasing.

There is a sense of failure in every day human endeavor, exemplar of the ephemerality, and even the vulnerability, of our lives and of ‘performativity’ itself. The precariousness of our situation as beings. How do we deal with everyday simple vanishing acts? The collection of personal and humankind memories of being lost, of lost acts and failures might confront us with a nostalgic reality of our world: “something” that we wish was there. As if our life could be revealed through a series of lost and truly found moments.

Vanishing collection: We are collecting personal answers, stories, lists, poems, pictures related to the theme of loss, in every day human endeavour. Loss as failure, as deletion, as absence and presence. The intention is to create a performance that talks to us and about us, a collective “us” made of memories, and associations, of all people that will contribute in the project.

“It must be nice to disappear/To have a vanishing act/To always be looking forward/And never looking back”. (Lou Reed, Vanishing Acts)

Old fancing school with chairs

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