Jared Onyango, a former P.A.R.T.S. student (Performing Arts Research Training Studios/Brussels), directs the Waridi Dance Theatre, a private dance company very active in Nairobi. In 2016, Jared Onyango was awarded the prestigious Pina Bausch Fellowship ( to follow Francesco Scavetta’s choreographic processes and working methods, to sharpen his movement vocabulary, as well as gain insight into running a dance training center.
Thanks to the Fellowship, Jared was able to stay in residency at Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts for eight weeks taking part in the rehearsals of the Surprised Body Project #London and following the rehearsals of several other projects. He worked also on his own project that presented as studio version while in Tanumshede.
The project continued with workshops and showings in Kenya and Uganda in September 2016.

In the second part of his project “The Box Series” Jared has been inspired by his images of dance phrases made against a wall. From the original idea, every moment leads to recurring winding spirals, walks, breaks, hopes and so on. Each stop on the road has a story to reveal, a kind of need to make a concrete statement, despite the impossibility of it because every moment passes and nothing stops. We meet with an ongoing flow, patterns of fragments from trips that continue or end, sometimes comfortably and sometimes with the desire of break out.

Jared is especially inspired by visual arts. In his performance, he strives for exploration and presentation of artwork that interests him, while exploring how performance can have its own existence.

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