yonder - danielle de vries

Concept / choreografi: Danielle de Vries, Mikael Sellersjö, Joakim Envik-Karlsson Music: Daniel Pioro Technical assistance: Jonas and Robert Axelsson / Livelab AB
In collaboration with: Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts
With support of: Kultur i Väst, Tanum Kultur & Fritid and Västra Götalandsregionen

07.06 - 19.06

Danielle de Vries, dancer at the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company, has been working with Örjan Andersson, Kenneth Kvarnström and has also started to create some work of her own. In Yonder, she will collaborate with sculptor and visual artist Mikael Sellersjö, dancer and videoartist Joakim Envik and violinist David Pioro.

The goal is to work across borders, mixing different expressions and art forms.
A starting point is the exploration of Mikael Sellersjö’s imaginary world and body of works. We are looking for new materials for solo, duet and trio, where the meeting between us may take a big place. We are moved by the music, the sea and the late party, we connect personal experiences and make connections to the world “we are in” and the one we do not see.

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