karuselldörrar - benno voorham

Workshop with local new comers youth

Choreography / direction: Benno Voorham Professional dancers involved in the project: Linda Wardal, Moa Westerlund
Music: Shadi Ali Costumes: Pipsa Perrin Poukka Lighting: Madeleine Strandberg

Supported by the Västra Götaland Region, Gothenburg City Culture, Gertrud and Ivar Philipssons Foundation and Thorden Foundation.
The workshop is supported by Tanums Kultur i Fritid.

25.04 - 06.05

An intensive two weeks workshop with a group of new comers and some professional dancers, to select the group that will be part of Benno Voorham’s new production
inspired by the stories collected from the participants: their life and memories.
The title of the performance is a metaphor for where they are right now. They have left their home country with the great hope of being able to integrate into Swedish society. However, many are stuck in some kind of terminal existence, arriving but not arrived and largely cut off from the youngsters’ normal ties of relationships and security. They hope to be able to leave the carousel through the correct exit, but the risk is great to get stuck or thrown out of the constant rotation to a large, empty outside.

Carousel doors raise questions about values, human rights and wish to create the conditions for lasting relationships, integration and understanding.

Under the direction of Benno Voorham, LAVA dance production.

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