earth1 - kilian haselbeck / marco reinard

Music, dance and environment

Concept / choreographi: Kilian Haselbeck, Marco Reinard Performed by: Kilian Haselbeck Music composed by: Jelani Jones, Jelani Jr. Jones & Marco Reinard Supported by: Tanzhaus Zürich, Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts (Tanumshede)

04.04 - 15.04

The residency is realised within an exchange project between Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts and Tanzhaus (Zurich).

The project “Earth1” is initiated by Marco Reinard and Kilian Haselbeck.
“Marco and me met in the summer of 2015 in Indonesia. The projects plan, on an extensive scale, to deliver more awareness of environmental situations around the world. Especially in remote and developing areas. The main focus of the project is to have a fossil free sailing yacht that will take students on board while traveling around, introducing them to themes focusing on environmental engineering and development.
The ship should become a work and exchange place for students and other environmentalists to develop new ideas and being able to move around fossil free and eventually develop new projects on the ground where we will sale to. Dance and music will play an important role in the whole idea. To make people aware of what we are doing it is important to reach people in a way that everybody understands; and that is where the art comes in.
We would like to create dance movies, video clips, and all sorts of visual images that gets peoples attention. There is already a song composed for “Earth1” and now it is about how to translate it into visual images through dance.
Further we have contacts to dance groups in Alaska, Mozambique, Nepal and India. Funny enough we also have contacts to a Sami peoples folk band in Sweden. The plan is eventually to bring all groups together and create big dance happenings live and on screen.
It is important to reach out to people with a easy way of communicating and what’s better for that then music and dance?”

Kilian Haselbeck (1986) started dancing with HipHop and later Ballet at the Ballet Centre Gerda von Arb (Zurich) followed by a BA in contemporary dance at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy 2008. Since then he is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, the USA, e.g. Expo Shanghai, Les Ballets du Monde in New York, Vloeistof NL, Festspiele Bregenz (AT) etc. In Switzerland he has been working with Philippe Saire, Meret Schlegel, Marisa Godoy (Oona Project), Tim Fletscher, Mischa Käser, Mirjam Neidhart, Philip Amann, Patrick Widrig and Sara Pearson. In 2013 Meret and Kilian founded the Company “zeitSprung”. Their creation “To be or Orthopädie“ was selected for aerowaves priority list /Spring forward 13 and Tanzfaktor Interregio’13 ( Their next evening length piece named “Orthopädie or to be“is still touring and received the Swiss Dance Award in 2015. He continues creating his own work and collaborating with different artists and creating interactive performances with the architects duo “Stiftung Freizeit“, Berlin. 2014 Kilian received a dance award from the City of Zürich.

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