a surprised body showing - francesco scavetta

Participants: Loris Venegoni, Janine Harrington, Mirte Bogaert, Ida Haugen, Åsne Storli, Kiriko Shimizu, Emi Ogura, Riina Kalmi, Tinna Ómarsdóttir, Virpi Leppäniemi, Katharina Senk, Liza Magnan, Tanja Andreeva, Ratih Windrati, Ivo Dimitrov, Yohei Hamada, Ryonosuke Endo, Henrietta Wallberg, Birgitte Lundtoft, Jessica Rosin.

18.12 - 19.12

The workshop will end with two informal showings of the work.

The research that led to the creation of the performance Surprised body project will ground the workshop.
The Surprised Body Project is a dance project that focuses on choreographic and compositional issues. In other previous Wee’s production, the physicality has been present, conceptually, on the same level, and with equivalent valour, with text, visual art, sound installations, use of objects, props and scenographical elements. With the Surprised Body Project, the central element of the research is the body, the movement and its relation to music and space.

As a title, Surprised body project already defines a metaphorical space. The image of a body constantly alert, escaping from daily habits and routine. The sense of “surprise” is intended as an inner state which allows us to “react” and respond, as individuals and as a group, affecting each other with our physical decision throughout structured improvisations and instant composition.

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