the house of the pelvic floor- a ballet (working title) - liza penkova (SE)


01.07 - 07.07

Dancer/choreographer Liza Penkova returns to Vitlycke-CPA to continue the work on the third part “The House of the pelvic floor-a ballet” in the choreographic trilogy “18 steps through (dance) history”.

The House of the pelvic floor-a ballet (working title) is the third and final part of the 18 steps through (dance) history- choreographic trilogy initiated by Liza Penkova in 2020.

Continuing to delve into the history and archives of Western dance practices has led to an observation that the pelvic region is almost never an initiator of movement. Instead, the pelvic region in the Western body is the one least explored. With the exception of early modern dance pioneers who advocated an engagement of the pelvis in their technique, looking at the history , it is striking to notice how the pelvic area plays a crucial role as a point of stability. Often referred to as “the centre,” “the core,” or “the box,” it is considered something to be held and controlled. In comparison to the expressive movements of the extending limbs and spine, the pelvic area appears to lack articulation. This observation raises questions about the avoidance of engaging with the bodily processes associated with this region in Western culture. Could it be a question of the good old dichotomy between Apollo and Dyanosys? And perhaps we need to trace back to the formation of classical ballet-aesthetics to find out?

During her residency at Vitlycke, together with three dancers, Liza Penkova explores the first drafts of movement research in her future creation The house of the pelvic floor- a ballet (working title).

Liza Penkova
is a Swedish dance-artist of Russian origins based in Gothenburg. Her interest lie in the processes of translation across and within performing arts traditions and its aesthetics. She often relies on historical archives as an important source of inspiration in both her artistic and academic work. With dance and choreography as her foundation, she looks for borderless encounters of performing genres,traditions and physical cultures.

Previously a long term dancer with choreographers Anna Theresa de Keersmaeker and Michele Noiret in Belgium, as well as a freelance collaborator with scandinavian choreographers Helena Franzén and Veli Lehtovaara. Penkova initiated a diverse range of collective projects such as “Phd in one night” and “House of Bertha” before deciding to focus on her own work in 2020.

In parallel with her professional activities, Liza is studying for a Master of Arts in Dance Education (M.A.D.E) at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Liza has received support from various institutions throughout her career, including the Gothenburg City Culture Committee, Västra Götaland Region, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Arts Council, Danscentrum, Carina Ari minnesfond and other organizations.

Read more about Liza Penkova here

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