garden of wrath - tevin redvall (SE)

vgr kulturutveckling residency

03.06 - 09.06

Garden of Wrath is chapter two of ‘The Garden’ trilogy which delves into the depths of human nature and explores the shadows that lurk within us all. Through symbolic representations of self-sabotage and corrosion of morality, this performance aims to provoke introspection and spark dialogue on complex themes.

Tevin Redvall is a distinguished, award-winning freelance dancer, choreographer, battler, and dance teacher with extensive experience in both national and international productions. Recognized as one of Sweden’s most promising dancers, Tevin is known for seamlessly integrating multiple dance styles to craft innovative and captivating performances. His remarkable talent has been showcased at prestigious events and platforms such as Volvo, Redbull Dance Your Style, and TEDx.

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