elnaz paiamani (SE)

vgr kulturutveckling residency

Photo: Ellen Edmar

03.06 - 09.06

Residency by dancers Elnaz Paiamani and Mpululu Ntuve, in collaboration and with support of VGR Förvaltning för kulturutveckling.

Elnaz Paiamani

As a versatile artist, she uses the Locking style from hip-hop culture alongside Jamaican Dancehall as her form of expression as a dancer and choreographer. She has worked commercially with dance for over 10 years, with assignments for brands such as Asics and artists like Popcaan. In 2021, she created her first stage production based on the forms of Locking. In 2022, as a DJ and organizer, she launched the improvisation platform SPACET to promote artistic encounters among local dancers. Elnaz Paiamani pushes the boundaries of dance expression and cultivates culture locally through her artistry.

Elnaz together with dancer Mpululu Ntuve are in the research stage for an upcoming piece that began in the spring of 2024. Their starting point in creation is the stage language they have developed with Locking as the foundation, which began to take shape in the piece ‘Sanningen, jag svär!’.

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