väntrummet - marco wihlborg, mia hellberg

vgr kulturutveckling residency

Koreografi, creative direction: Marco Wihlborg, Mia Hellberg.
Dansare: Marco, Mia och TBA.
Manus: Daniel Adolfsson.
Kompositör: Denny Hulten.
Ljus: Dennis Åhman.
Produktionspartners: Stora Teatern, Kulturutveckling VGR, Vitlycke Centre for performing arts.
Foto & trailer: Faramarz Gosheh

27.05 - 02.06

Marco Wihlborg och Mia Hellberg guests Vitlycke-CPA for a one week long residency in collaboration and with support of VGR Förvaltning för kulturutveckling.

What does the recipe for success cost?

Whether or not there is such a recipe depends on what one defines as success and lies entirely in it the beholder’s own eye. In this dance performance, the choreographers explore concepts such as waiting and loneliness, with disturbed self-image and a lack of real communication as consequences of a constant focus on the self. Their physically challenging movement language takes on a new tone here in the company of a bunch of characters’ strong personalities. Friendships that arise, relationships that split, paths that never cross or a hope that we leave towards better times. The time we ask for or the time we don’t wish for has everything to do with what happens when we stop and actually take care of it. Do we then feel free or imprisoned?

During the performance, we are thrown in and out of the various characters’ personal journeys as both intertwine, split and only exist in parallel with each other around the shared experience of a wait. At times, the Waiting Room is driven by dance-like monologues, chaotically choreographed conflicts and emotional encounters between the individuals on stage. Sometimes a word is enough to touch and in other cases gestures say more than words… That’s exactly what Väntrummet is The combination of the captivating and dancing body language as storytelling interrupted by direct dialogues between the individuals, provides a strong form of expression and a necessary one contrast to each other.

Welcome to Väntrummet, a room for ventilation and success.

Mia Hellberg and Marco Wihlborg. are both from Gothenburg and have many years of work together
with the dance company Twisted Feet. Today, their base is both in Gothenburg and Stockholm, where they are based
as freelance dancers and choreographers. They found each other in a common interest of the exploration of movement patterns and stage language from different techniques and art forms. Today, their work and artistry is characterised by fusion, a lot of it is a floor work together with the language of modern dance meets our background in hip hop and the different
the elements within street styles. Not infrequently it is fast paced, narrative and musical precision and timing that govern the physical expression. We thrive in contrasts and are inspired by contemporaries thematic as well as fiction.

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