gaston core - the very last northern white rhino

performance within dansnät sverige

Concept & direction: Gaston Core
Choreography: Gaston Core in collaboration with the dancer
Performed by: Oulouy
Collaboration: Aina Alegre
Photo & Videomaker: Alice Brazzit
Music: Jorge da Rocha
Lights: Ivan Cascon
Styling: Eva Bernal
Technical care: Manu Ordenavia
Production: Mayte Luque
Co-produced by: Sala Hiroshima & Festival GREC of Barcelona with the support of Centre Cívic Barceloneta
Length: 55min

Tours with Dansnät Sverige spring 2024


The fragility of Earth embodied in a street dance solo
The very last northern white rhino is a solo piece that is as simple as it is powerful.
Using the true story of the world’s last two northern white rhinos as its starting point, choreographer Gaston Core asks whether it’s possible to find happiness in a world of chaos.

Tickets: The very last northern white rhino

With finesse and elegance, street styles such as krumping, tutting, and waving are used to depict humanity’s eradication of this enchanting animal. Using minimal means and profound expressions, the dancer Nico Yao Dapre a.k.a. Oulouy conveys the story of Earth’s fragility and the eternal pursuit of freedom.

Oulouy comes from Ivory Coast and settled in Paris as a teenager. His passion for dance developed from a young age, initially focusing on various African dance styles, but in 2008 he became involved in urban dance. Since then, he’s participated in numerous international dance battles and worked as a model and dancer for brands such as Coca Cola and L’Oreal. Currently, he teaches urban dance, organises events, and co-directs @ilovethisdance – the first French digital channel dedicated to urban culture and hip-hop.

Gaston Core was born and educated in Buenos Aires but moved to Europe in 2001 and has since worked as a dancer, actor, director, and cultural manager. He holds a degree in directing and dramaturgy as well as a master’s degree in contemporary philosophy. Core has organised a theatre festival and worked as both an artist and director for several companies. 2015-2021 he ran the independent venue Sala Hiroshima in Barcelona.

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