meningen med livet - tove berglund and ludvig daae (SE)

performance within dansnät sverige

Idea: Tove Berglund
By and with: Tove Berglund and Ludvig Daae
Producers: Johnson & Bergsmark
Research and communication: Johanna Nordin
Length: 3.5 hours
Photo: Chrisander Brown


Meningen med livet is a co-production with Norrlandsoperan and Dansnät Sverige and will be touring in autumn 2023 and spring 2024.

Investigate the destiny question of life, what is the real meaning of life?
Experience a unique chance to examine life’s destiny question, what is the real meaning of life? Welcome to a caravan park where each caravan offers a unique entrance to the meaning of life. Meet a philosopher, enjoy dancing in the forest, listen to sweet music, bask in the sauna and swim in the summer evening. The evening is rounded off around the campfire where we sound focus on one of life’s great meanings – food.

Meningen med livet is a whole evening where you together with the artist Tove Berglund and choreographer Ludvig Daae examines one of life’s great fateful questions. In a caravan park where every caravan offers a unique entrance to the meaning of life, you meet a philosopher, get a one-on-one concert and experience choreographic elements via a forest walk. Maybe it’s baths and saunas which is the meaning of life, or the taste of cooked food after an eventful day? No matter what it’s what gives meaning to your existence, that’s how this late summer evening ends around the campfire in a confidential conversation about the meaning of life.

Tove Berglund and Ludvig Daae

Tove Berglund is a scenographer, costume designer and artist who makes interactive stage artwork. She graduated from the Stockholm University of Drama’s costume design training in 2013 and has worked on, among other things, Den Norske Teatret, Orionteatern, MDT and Stockholm, Malmö and Uppsala city theatres. In her work as a costume designer, Ludvig Daae has been a recurring and close collaborator. Tove’s interactive work has been a hit with participants and critics. Above all, the trilogy, Årets Händelser, which she concluded with the all-night work Julen together with Daae at Norrlandsoperan in 2021, drew attention. In her work, she often explores lustful interactions, epic themes, and good taste.

Ludvig Daae is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm and Oslo. His own performances have been presented over 200 times in 11 countries. Among other things, he has choreographed Cullberg at the Nobel Banquet in Blå Hallen and created the performance Vi kan göra va du vill for Norrdans. At the moment, Ludvig is interested in national identity and participant practices, something he investigates together with Tove Berglund in the performances Landscape, We can do what you want and Home. Since 2013, Tove Berglund has been one of Ludvig’s closest collaborators.
Ludvig Daae has previously toured with Dansnät Sweden with the performances MM (2014), Hyperfruit (2017) and The viral dance (2020).

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