consubstanciation - dinis machado

a non mimetic somatic drag performance

With and by: Dinis Machado
Coproduced by: Weld (SE), Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT) Pact Zollverein (DE) and CND Centre National de la Danse (FR).
Realised in residency at: Weld (SE), Pact Zollverein (DE), Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts (SE), CND Centre National de la Danse (FR).
With the support of: Konstnärsnämnden (SE)
Dinis Machado is associated artist at Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT) and Weld (SE).

16.01 - 28.01

“Consubstantiation departs from a reflection about bodies that do not imagine themselves as they are medically described. Its centre is the somatic embodiment of an uterus undergoing a process of pregnancy in my seen as male body. What is an anatomical evidence within a female body, will becomes an uncanny fiction when proposed over my masculine body working to construct and produce and inhabit the somatic textures of this fiction making it progressively more and more tangible without entering a mimetic simulacrum.” Dinis Machado

Dinis Machado works as a choreographer since 2008. Born in Porto (PT), since 2012, is based in Stockholm (SE), where he collaborates with Weld.
Holds the MA Choreography by DOCH (Stockholm) directed by Jefta Van Dinther and Frederic Gies and the Visual Arts Independent Studies Program at Maumaus (Lisbon).
In 2013, he received the Cullberg Ballet/Life Long Burning Swedish co-production for the project Black Cats Can See in the Dark But Are Not Seen, one of the selected works at [8:tension] series at ImpulsTanz 2014.

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