disorder - art of spectra (SE)


Choreography, idea, direction: Peter Svenzon
Composer: Peter Svenzon
Lighting design, video programming: Robert Jadenfeldt
Dancers: Ulriqa Fernqvist, Samuel Hall, Elin Hestner Olsson, Michael Kelland, Harlan Rust.

02.10 - 15.10

Residency by Art of Spectra to work on their project DISORDER.


Peter Svenzon has created over 50 dance works since he started Art of Spectra in 1998. His works are characterized by strong physical and multifaceted expressions where dance, music, video projections and visual art are united in an almost cinematic flow. After the last tours with the work Tension, Art of Spectra is now coming back with the new work DISORDER. Once again, Art of Spectra and Peter Svenzon start from questions and thoughts that characterize our time. In DISORDER, Peter also collaborates with the German playwright Falk Richter, who writes the texts for the performance. As in previous works, Peter Svenzon also composes the music for DISORDER.

Art of Spectra

“Peter Svenzon and Art of Spectra`s artistic expression imbued with a strong physicality and direct communication with the audience. Together with dancer and artist Ulriqa Fernqvist, he works towards an expanded, multi-faceted expression, with dance, theatre, music and graphic art melting into a new hybrid form to reach almost cinematographic quality. "

Since its inception in 1998, Choreographer and composer Peter Svenzon has created over 50 works for the company and collaborated with a substantial number of artists, musicians, directors, and actors from many differing theatrical genres.

Together with dancer and artist Ulriqa Fernqvist, both with backgrounds in music and dance, he has with the formation of Art of Spectra, searched for an open multi-facetted form of expression where dance, theatre, music, and graphic art become a new hybrid form of theatre with a quality almost within the realms of the cinematographic sphere.

The company has placed great importance on its peripatetic collaborations and residences both at home and abroad. AOS has in recent years toured extensively internationally, done international collaborations, hosting residencies and more. The recent short film, RUM 444 just won a large number of awards and great success on film festivals all over the world.

Peter and Ulriqa Fernqvist were also honored with the prestigious award, STENA FOUNDATION CULTURE PRICE.

”Peter Svenzon is known for his ability to give the art of dance additional dimensions, where it tells and entertains with its cinematic expression. In `Tension ́he surpasses his own reputation.” NSD

”Many of the most beautiful scenes are just standing still and perhaps the hardest thing these skilled dancers do.”
“This is a dance in our time.” Norrbottenskuriren

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