extraterrestrial - sean ge & jenni louwén (SE)


23.10 - 25.11

Residency by Sean Ge & Jenni Louwén to work on their dance piece Extraterrestrial.
In collaboration with VGR Förvaltning för Kulturutveckling and Stora Teatern, Gothenburg.


How is it that we depict unresearched phenomena in a certain way when there are not enough sources and evidence to establish the facts? Why are we so fascinated by life whose existence is not proven and how come we illustrate these with human proportions?

The performance will take the audience on a journey where they encounter different creatures and their behaviors, promoting the visually visible landscapes that form the atmosphere of each act. Humans have a common concept and image of what extraterrestrial life looks like – long legs and arms, big head and big eyes, really very similar to our human proportions.

While life on Earth revolves around and is built on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), it has not yet been possible to determine what is the building block of life on other planets, hence the origin of the term xenon nucleic acid (XNA), where the “D” is replaced by “X” which can be anything. It has thus not yet been scientifically proven what extraterrestrial life looks like when one does not understand their ecological conditions.

Our curiosity about the unknown is a fact and we see interest in delving into the subject and exploring different possibilities with our artistic expression. Our idea is that the acts should visualize an alternative life on a planet or part of the universe. As inspiration for this, the series “Alien Worlds” on Netflix is used, which is a documentary where science, which is based on the structure of the earth, has been transformed into new worlds and how these changes create a certain type of life. In the same way, we want to use the human body to explore its possibility to create forms and beings.

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