garden of growth - tevin redvall (SE)


23.10 - 29.10

Residency by Tevin Redvall to work on his dance piece Garden of Growth.
In collaboration with VGR Förvaltning för Kulturutveckling and Stora Teatern, Gothenburg.

Garden of Growth

Welcome to “Garden of Growth”, a captivating dance performance that takes you on a transformative journey where you explore the depths of what growth really means.

Prepare for a world where movement becomes a language of self-discovery, where we question the essence of growth and its profound impact on our lives. Drawing inspiration from the story of the Garden of Eden and the circle of life, Garden of Growth delves into the very essence of growth and asks fundamental questions: What defines growth? Is it just physical evolution or something deeper? Is growth an act or a state of being? Does it exist only in comparison to what was before?

This concept was born from Tevin Redvall’s personal journey during the summer of 2022, where transformative experiences and introspection led me to explore the importance of self-respect, setting boundaries and embracing self-love. “Through this performance, I aim to share the deep wisdom gained from these experiences and invite you to reflect on your own definitions of growth.”

Tevin Redvall

Tevin Redvall is an award-winning freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who has been part of productions nationally and internationally. Melodifestivalen, SVT and TEDx are some examples where Tevin has appeared. He is definitely one of Sweden’s “up and coming” dancers who often connects several dance styles to create innovative expressions.

Tevin is a teacher at Twisted Feet Academy in Mölndal. In 2023, he was selected as a choreographer for Västra Götaland region residency program, organized by VGR Förvaltning för Kulturutveckling.

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