FIRST LIGHT intensive - CRAC & MxP (CN)


17.07 - 06.08

Corbie & Rabbit Art Center & Media x Performing arts Studio (China) returns to Vitlycke-CPA for the second time to host FISR LIGHT intesnive workshop.

First Light intensive

Since 2015, CRAC had been initiated yearly educational programs under the name of First Light, it offered a glimpse of the evolution in dance and artistic contexts in this
changing world, which invited artists/practitioners from different fields such as architecture, media, sound, theatre, and visual art to share and engage in. Intellectual experiences and individuality are a highly valuable cornerstone for the young generation, especially in this high-speed developing age. How to cross the boundary of the restrictions burdened by disciplines and culture to share methods and knowledge, praxis and experiences, reflections, and research on dance and performance has always been our commitment.

Corbie & Rabbit Art Center (CRAC) & Media x Performing arts Studio (MxP)

In ancient Chinese mythology, corbie and rabbit respectively represent the sun and the moon, implying that the sun rises from the east and the moon sets in the west.
Therefore, the name Corbie & Rabbit refers to the dawn at the beginning of every day, with the wishes of embracing every new start with a broader horizon and a humble
attitude towards life and education. Together with MxP, a collective team that explores the cross-media creation, CRAC and MxP focus on body-based art education and the creation of interdisciplinary performance. Crossing the boundary of art and seeking the deeper creativity for every individual that are mutually complementary to the two platforms.

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