esthesis quartet (USA)

konsertkvart (digital concert-film recording)


GAC (Göteborg Artist Center) and platform InDiiD is creating a new digital project called Konsertkvart – musical experiences in pocket format. Within this project, Esthesis Quartet (USA) is spending a day in Vitlycke-CPA to work on a recording of a digital concert film.


Six concert films of high artistic quality, which invite the viewer and listener to enjoy new compositions in jazz, improvisation and contemporary music in unique environments.
The concerts are presented in an easily accessible digital format, where every film is a chance for both the die-hard jazz lover and the curious teenager to discover new music
and new cultural sites. Welcome to a concert in unexpected, unusual and unknown rooms!

Konsertkvart presents six concerts with Swedish and international artists who perform newly written and own compositions. Each film takes place on a special
cultural place, which has emerged thanks to local zealots and organizers in smaller towns and in rural areas. The music is interspersed with environmental images and interviews.

In Vitlycke-CPA, Konsertkvart is going to record a concert with American jazz ensemble Esthesis Quartet (USA). Besides Vitlycke-CPA and Esthesis Quartet, other cultural places and artists joining the project are:

- Adele Sauros Quartet (FI) på Folkets Hus & Lokstallet i Älmhult,
- Ida Sand med Band (SE) på Väveriet i Uddebo,
- John Holmström Trio (SE) i Katakomberna i Kvarnbyn, Mölndal,
- Anna Svensdotter, Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, Johan Dahlbäck, Joar Skorpen (SE) på vandring från Lödöse till Mauritzberg,
- Hezarfen Ensemble (TR) under festivalen Music of Displacement i Steneby Konsthall, Dals Långed.

Esthesis Quartet

Esthesis Quartet plays original music with a reckless abandon that shakes the preconceptions of traditional instrumentation roles. They take us through new musical landscapes as flutes and vocals come to the fore, treating each other’s compositions with understanding, respect and a freedom that leads to original and unexpected musical adventures.

Esthesis Quartet unites four corners of the USA.
Elsa Nilsson, jazz flautist from Gothenburg has been active as a freelancer in New York since 2010 and has now been playing together with Denver-based pianist Dawn Clement, bassist Emma Dayhuff, Chicago and drummer Tina Raymond from LA for two years.

The quartet was formed during the pandemic via Zoom sessions, after which they gathered in Los Angeles and recorded their first album, released in May 2022. The album received great reviews in Downbeat, Jazziz, All About Jazz, etc. After touring in the USA, they will now land on Swedish soil, after their second album is released in March 2023.

Read more about Esthesis Quartet here
Listen to Esthesis Quartet here

Born and raised in Gothenburg, flutist Elsa Nilsson now lives in New York City where she can be heard in many established clubs both as a bandleader and sidewoman. She is an adjunct professor at The New School where she teaches courses in Rhythmic Analysis and Socially Engaged Artistry. Paul Rauch at All About Jazz has said of her: “She is the logical choice to provide a next step for her instrument in the world of jazz and improvised music.”

Pianist Dawn Clement lives in Denver. With her joyous presence, refined technique and distinctive sound, she has garnered attention from respected musicians, critics and fans around the US. She is Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of the Jazz and American Music Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Bassist Emma Dayhuff is the fifth female musician to attend the training at the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance. She now lives in Chicago where she is in the middle of her doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin in Bass Performance and African American Literature.

Los Angeles drummer Tina Raymond is Assistant Professor and Director of Jazz Studies at California State University, Northridge. As a unique voice in Los Angeles’ modern improvisational music scene, she mixes traditional jazz vocabulary with African polyrhythm and classical percussion techniques.

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