la casa - aitana cordero (ES)


15.05 - 21.05

This residency will be the first step in creation of community project La Casa in Tanumshede. During the residency, Aitana will hold several workshops with different groups of local community: elderly, family, youth. The residency will be part of the research process that will continue in August/September 2023 when Aitana will return to Vitlycke-CPA to create a community performance together with some participants from the local area of Tanumshede.

La Casa

La Casa is a community project and concept created by the well established and acknowledged artist Aitana Cordero. Over the last seven years she has developed La Casa in cooperation with kids, teens, adults and people with disabilities to mention a few. Now she takes the project further in Tanumshede.

Saturday 20th of May Aitana will host a workshop where she, through physical and creative exercises, explores group dynamics with a focus on creating a sense of belonging. You will move, dance, balance, build and share memories and ideas linked to the individual understanding of what family and home are.

In August, the project continues when some participants from the workshop get the opportunity to take part in a joint performance that is presented during the HERE:2023 festival in September. It is not a demand to take part in the performance just because you participated in the workshop in may, but we expect a fun and relaxed process.

There is no previous experience or knowledge needed to participate in the workshop and it’s for everyone from 14 years and older. Come as you are and in comfortable clothes that you feel comfortable to move around with. Fika for all the participants!

Aitana Cordero

Creator/choreographer, “mover”, director, curious, lover, of questions, books, cooking and bodies, Gemini, mother, …
“I did Judo intensely and have never stopped studying martial arts. Dancer, I loved dance and improvisation.
In 2006 I graduated as a Choreographer at the SNDO, School for the New Development of Dance, in Amsterdam, and also did a Master’s in Choreography and
new technologies.

Since 2000 I have been developing my own projects in the form of pieces, installations, performances, choreographies, events, films, videos, texts, culinary proposals and “things”.
I combine my research and artistic work with intense teaching in different schools and universities.

In the last years I work a lot as a dramaturge, mentor and adviser. Accompanying and observing processes of other choreographers or creators. Some of my recurring artistic interests in my work and research are the “encounter between bodies”, intimacy, “senxsuality”, the physicality of violence and the exploration of the protocols and conventions of the performing arts. I loves objects, deeply. Other interests that are usually integrated into my processes are philosophy, astrology, literature, gender studies, painting and gastronomy.

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