nor∂ur - karolin kent / sarah armstrong


A Nordic inter artistic cooperation.
With and by: Karolin Kent (SE) and Sarah Armstrong (DK) Visual artist: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK) Sound artist: Tami Tamaki (SE) Costumes designer: Valeriya
Olkhovas (DK).

09.09 - 12.09

The residency is supported by Lokstallet/Strömstad Commune.

It is impossible to be everything we should be and to do everything, and when we try -
The failure we are sentenced to is neither interesting nor fun. To see hopelessness in
face, face an actual choice, perhaps the only choice that really means something;
wake up in despair or dare to take the lead for a very different life. To take the road
which interrupts everything, is the only worthy end, even though it is hopeless.
Who’s more out there?


Nor∂ur is a dance film and live dance installation that explores the outer and inner landscape of our existence and commenting on the political and emotional failures of today’s culture.

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