the longest night - vida vojić (SE)

Open Call production residency

17.04 - 26.04

We are glad to welcome Vida Vojić with project The Longest Night to Vitlycke-CPA!
The project was selected for production residency at Vitlycke-CPA through an open call on the beginning of 2023. This Open Call, organized by Vitlycke-CPA, was intended for new aspiring professional dancers, choreographers, stage artists and dance companies in Sweden who want to create a completely new or further develop a previous performance.

The residency will take place 17-23 April.

The Longest Night is a 2023 performance project being developed collaboratively between artists Vida Vojić, Ama Tomberli and Chihiro Araki. Loosely based on the themes of darkness, cyclical timelines, drought, ritual dances, crossroads, magical practices, pre industrial living, seasonal ceremonies, pagan heritage, folklore legends, the tarantula – The Longest Night explores the dark as a place where realities can be twisted and new imagination can spring forth.

Vida Vojić is a music and performance artist, percussionist and musician from Gothenburg, Sweden. She is currently collaborating with Berlin based Chihiro Araki – a dancer and performance artist, and Ama Tomberli – a costume and stage designer, painter and textile artist. As a group of artists from different corners of the performance art field, as well as different cultures, the trio is devoted to sharing their knowledge and practices with each other, and learning by playing and improvising together.

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