toast - amalia kasakove (SE/FI)

Open Call production residency

17.04 - 23.04

We are glad to welcome Amalia Kasakove with project Toast to Vitlycke-CPA!
The project was selected for production residency at Vitlycke-CPA through an open call on the beginning of 2023. This Open Call, organized by Vitlycke-CPA, was intended for new aspiring professional dancers, choreographers, stage artists and dance companies in Sweden who want to create a completely new or further develop a previous performance.

The residency will take place 17-23 April.

Toast bends into the form of an installation, a stop-motion animation film and a comic book.

The point of gravity for this project has been grief – a slippery state that has been largely conditioning my working. This irrecoverable loss and at times immobilizing grief has paradoxically become the condition of a new kind of agency.

I have begun approaching materials that I could hold onto, animating things other than myself. The work addresses that which is both achingly present as well as utterly gone.

In the present I find myself holding onto form through stop-motion animation and the squares of a comic book. I am drawn to the gutter that remains between the comic book squares as well as the gutter of time between each frame and two clicks of a shutter. These empty spaces leave space for the unresolvable, unutterable and inexplicable, for slippage, rest and loss – for liminality between form and content, a transition and sense making that doesn’t fill the gap.

The research reflects on the ecstatic edges of grief and the way in which grief can expand into dimensions outside of yourself – forming a relationship of alienation as well as intimacy with such proportions.

Amalia Kasakove is a Stockholm based artist working in the gutter between animation and choreography. They hold a MFA in Choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts (2022) and a BA in Dance and Choreography from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2017). They are a part of the artist duo A Kasakove / A Ourø. Kasakove’s work has been situated at sites such as Warehouse9, Ställbergs Gruva, Weld, Aaben Dans, HAUT, Dansehallerne, Koncertkirken and Dance Cooperative.

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