no news - hannah karlsson / johanna rimstig (SE)

work in progress within Open Call production residency


Welcome to work in progress of No News by Hannah Karlsson and Johonna Rimstig!

The project was selected for production residency at Vitlycke-CPA through an open call on the beginning of 2023. This Open Call, organized by Vitlycke-CPA, was intended for new aspiring professional dancers, choreographers, stage artists and dance companies in Sweden who want to create a completely new or further develop a previous performance.
The residency will take place 3-16 April and end with a work in progress showing on Friday, 14 April.

Time: Friday, 14 April, 19.00
Place: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts
Entrance: free entrance

In No News, choreographer and dancer Hannah Karlsson, together with architect and visual artist Johanna Rimstig, dive in and crack open with movement exploration an upside-down Carpe Diem. With means of withheld, anxious, almost bursting movement experienced through space and time and met with spatial configurations, light and visual perception, they seek to find out if it is possible to tilt the perception of the set room to be perceived as something completely different.

Hannah Karlsson works as a dancer and choreographer in Gothenburg. In her artistic practice Hannah focuses on emotional and spatial gaps. Places of desire or coercion, to be waiting and to strive. She is a versatile dancer who segways from immense seriosity to light hilarity and everything in between. Most recently in her site specific piece ’Teuf – it’s never too late to give up’ which took place in the exhibition space of 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg in their in built rideable skate park the fall of 2022. Since her graduation from Balettakademien Gothenburg she has continuously worked with the choreographers Olof Persson and Gun Lund but has also worked with Eva Ingemarsson, Gunilla Olsson Karlsson, Mari Vittradotter and others. And since the beginning of 2022 she is a part time company dancer at Danskompaniet Spinn.

In November 2022 Hannah received Adlerbertska Art scholarship by the society Gnistan for her comical, cunning and serious creating and being within the field of dance.

Photo: Johanna Rimstig

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