bibi ha bibi - aloun marchal / henrique furtado

performance for children

Choreography & interpretation Henrique Furtado & Aloun Marchal
Lights Eduardo Abdala covered by Manuel Abrantes
Dramaturgy : Céline Cartillier
Costumes : Camille Rosa with Rozenn Lamand
Musical collaboration : Jerzy Bielski
Advice : Marie-Pascale Dubé ( inuit song), Bruno « Hammer » Brito (wrestling), Estrela Ferreira (belly dance)


Bibi ha Bibi returns to Vitlycke-CPA! Welcome to the performance, created and presented by duo Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado, on Friday, 24 March!

Time: Friday, 24 March 19.00
Place: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts (Vitlycke gård 3, 45793, Tanumshede)
Age: from 9 years

Wearing skin-tight outfits between a baby bodysuit and a tribal costume, Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado stare at each other, stand firm in the middle of the stage and let out a scream from deep inside : the challenge is laid down.

Partners or rivals? What if these two were actually appreciating the game more than the victory?

The dancers explore a wide range of sounds and movements with clashing styles, from sports fighting to teasing childish games, from rumbling noises to lullabies, from hyperventilated breathing to animal yelling, reminding of birds, dinosaurs or even aliens. They create their own genuine dance.

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