sway - camille prieux (france)


13.02 - 26.02

This residency will be devoted for creation of choreographer’s Camille Prieux new projec Sway.


This project aims to explore the notion of “sway” as a state of being/moving and as a tool to negotiate with the environment in which we evolve. Swaying is the motion that the many forces of the everyday life have on our attention and our bodies. It is a seemingly unstable state yet one that is essential to our adaptation and growth. How can we become mindful of this motion? How can we find our roots in this wobbly world?

Using some of Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations”, I would like to bring together the soundscape listening practice of my previous work, Sonoscopia, and this physical research, to explore how the sonic atmosphere of a space impacts and informs my moving body. How can I develop a poetic language that translates the essence of swaying?

Camille PRIEUX
(born in France in 1987) started dancing at the school of the Ballet du nord in France learning european and north-american classical and modern technics.

In 2008 Camille was admitted to the Salzburg based academy SEAD (AT) and in 2010 he joined PARTS, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s dance school in Brussel (BE). He graduated from the PARTS training cycle (Brussels) in 2012.
Since then, he has been working with several choreographers in France, Belgium and Sweden before joining the Swedish dance company Cullberg in 2016.

In parallel Camille also has an interest for electronic music and sound art. Classically trained in guitar from the age of seven he explored different relationships to music over the years especially in the domain of improvisation. His experience as a performer nourished a desire to explore the relationship between the physical and the acoustic; the means to transform sounds into bodily experiences.


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