april improvisations

3 duo-performances by 6 artists

Aprilimprovisations is a collaboration between Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts, Lisa Larsdotter Petersson and Francesco Scavetta. With support from Kulturrådet och Vitlycke-CPA. Thanks to Danscentrum Väst.


Between moments and cords, in a landscape of dance, sound, music and language, a flow of give and take is offered in unexpected stories. Three duet performances by six artists offer Performance Improvisation from different perspectives. Welcome to spring-eve in a beautiful stage room where the adventurous composition is created from personal now.

Time: Saturday, 1 April 18.00
Place: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts


By Henrik Olsson musician, composer and Gry Kipperberg – dancer, choreographer.
An improvisation performance with Gry Kipperberg and live music by Henrik Olsson. It’s about listening. It’s the intermittent flow of give and take. It’s about a sudden interruption of a series of beginnings; it’s about allowing the unfinished.


By Richard Widerberg sound artist, musician & Lisa Larsdotter Petersson performance, visual -artist.
…stereo, mono, now it should work, nice there are different ways to do things, aha there maybe, have to restart, worked last time, compatible, it usually works, what is this, we try this way, now maybe, see, yes, now… Lisa and Richard meet between moments and cords in landscapes of movement and sound.


Karin Johansson musician, composer and Catherine Magill dancer, choreographer.
Karin and Catherine reconnect to further their creative explorations begun in 2016. Australia meets Sweden, south meets north, heat meets cold, sound meets movement. Responding to each other and the emerging moment, Karin and Catherine layer dance, music and text to create mystery, beauty, surprise and story.


Gry Kipperberg is a dance artist based in Oslo. She is educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Khio) and Merce Cunningham Studio in New York and is certified as a Body-Mind Certering® Practitioner. Gry has worked and performed with several companies, choreographers, and in various collaborations since 1990, and in 1999 she established, together with Francesco Scavetta, the company Wee, with whom she has worked and toured extensively internationally since. As a dancer she has received several grants, was awarded the Rolf Gamlengprisen in 2012 and is employed by Skuespiller- og Danseralliansen in Norway since 2013.

Henrik Olsson moves freely between notated music and free improvisation, blending acoustic and amplified sounds with the use of contact microphones. With academic background in drums, classical percussion, improvisation and composition, his music is represented on over 30 public releases on label such as Another Timbre, SOFA, Monotype Rec, iDEAL, Häpna, Kring Disc, Bombax Bomax and more,and he has been touring and performing in US, Japan, Russia, and all over Europe in festivals such as Le Guess Who?, Huddersfield CMF, Splitter Festival Berlin, San Francisco SFF, Bipod Beiruth in collaboration with Sarah Hennies, Annea Lockwood, Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann, Ko Ishikawa, Rhodri Davies, Angharad Davies, Axel Dörner, Magda Mayas, Keith Rowe, Laura Naukkarinen, Tetuzi Akiyama, Lucio Capece and many more.


Richard Widerberg is a sound and media artist and musician working with installations, performances and site specific story telling. He has a Master’s degree in Sound and Media art from University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Lisa Larsdotter Petersson is educated in Sweden and further afield. She works through several media – dance, voice as well as image, sound – where the focus, in different ways, have a strong relationship to a now, to a momentary perception. Lisa produces performances and performing arts projects, exhibits at cultural venues and works with public art. She is published through vinyl, text, and image, has been awarded several scholarships and is represented, purchased by state, region, municipalities.


Karin Johansson
is a pianist and composer within a wide range of improvised music, free jazz and contemporary. Working with alternative techniques, using preparations and objects. Active in Sweden and internationally in several groups and collaborations. Composer and musician of music for theatre and contemporary dance. Karin is based in Gothenburg and educated at the Academy of Music and Drama.

Catherine Magill is a Melbourne-based dancer with thirty years’ experience in performance art. She completed a BA (Dance) and is a certified Pilates Practitioner. In her art, she works with the embodied moment, crafting spontaneous choreography and spoken word. Catherine’s performance style is a beguiling mix of word and movement narratives, fiercely driven, with surprising shifts from steady and serious, to wry wit and dance clown. The content is political and poetic, speaking to issues from the personal to the global (e.g., feminism, ageing, the environment, social justice). Since 2012, Catherine performed annually with Debra Batton (as Such n Such) at Dancehouse Fringe Season, Melbourne Fringe Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. As a soloist, she has taught and performed locally and internationally at Varia Festival (S), ImproXchange Berlin, the Australian Contact Improvisation Festival, Precipice (annual Australian Improvisation Festival), NOW Pieces, Deakin University, and in numerous self-produced shows. Currently Catherine is enrolled in the MA (Art in Public Spaces).

Bild: Mireille Leblanc

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