DAVE&GOLLY, a tale of virtual loneliness - T.I.T.S.

work in progress


Welcome to work in progress showing of audio-visual performance “DAVE & GOLLY, a tale of virtual loneliness” created by performance group T.I.T.S.

Time: Friday, 16 December 18.00
Place: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts
Entrance: free entrance

DAVE & GOLLY, a tale of virtual loneliness will be an audio-visual performance staged by T.I.T.S. based on a play written by Serge Ernandez (FR/US).

T.I.T.S. aim to explore the impact of social media and the internet on the human psyche in a hybrid solo performance. A single performer will be in dialogue with homemade virtual characters asking questions about how we construct our identities, how to distinguish between our on- and offline realities, the true or the false, and if online technology can truly help us to connect with other people meaningfully or even find our “true” love? T.I.T.S. will attempt to visually and physically convey the roller coaster of emotions one experiences while living in the online world.

T.I.T.S. is an independent international performance group led by Nela H. Kornetová. They explore the possibilities of hybrid theater forms, blending choreography, play, sound, visual imagery, and body physicality, working with themes that audiences can relate to instinctively.

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