telos - dorotea saykaly and emil dam seidel


Choreographer and dancer: Dorotea Saykaly
Director: Emil Dam Seidel
DOP: Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Composer and Concept Developer: Steffen Johansen
Visual Projection Artists: HACKSTAGE, Andreas Holmberg & Michel Winckler-Krog
With support of: Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Canada Council for the Arts and Nordisk Kultur Fond

21.11 - 27.11

During this residency, choreographer/dancer Dorotea Saykaly and fim director Emil Dam Seidel will work on a holographic dance installation called TELOS.


Through a holographic dance installation, TELOS aims to build a Digital Myth by creating an immersive experience that mixes contemporary dance with digital technology.
Set in a 360 viewing space, the audience is immersed in a world in which an AGI is searching for a new purpose after the extinction of humankind. Mimicking its creator, the AGI builds a holographic body within a glass pyramid in the centre of a space, from which to explore and manifest a new Telos.

It is the aim of this work to dissolve the border between the digital and physical realm by immersing the audience in a mixed reality experience without the use of an apparatus. We do so by applying holographic projections that are principally defined by blurring the line between real and not real. This dissolution allows us to create an impactful encounter between the audience and a digital, bodily reflection on the human condition.

Dorotea Saykaly is the inaugural recipient of the Emily Molnar Emerging Choreographer Award and has created the new stage work ‘RELIC’ for Ballet BC company in Canada which premiered in May 2022. Her most recent film ‘SHE’ (2021), a co-created with Emil Dam Seidel, has been awarded Best Choreography at DanceOnScreen Film Festival in Graz, Best Experimental film with SIFF in Stockholm, Honourable Mentions with Around Film Festival Barcelona and just had its North American premier at the Fotografiska Museum NYC in April 2022. Dorotea’s work moves fluidly from the stage to film to visual arts. She has collaborated choreographically with the Swedish photographer duo Cooper & Gorfer on their international exhibit ‘UTOPIA’. She has co-created, choreographed and performed in the awarded screendance short films ‘PAINTED’ (2012) and ‘Brief Candle’ (2013) both featured in film festivals internationally. She choreographed her first stage solo ‘UNraveling’ which was awarded at the Warsaw Zawirowania Competition in 2016. Since then she has created stage works such as; ‘Rosy Retrospection’ (2018) for SkanesDansteater as the Inaugural choreographer for the 3D National Collaboration; ‘DOUBLE BLINDED’ (2019) for the 3D festival at the Goteborg Danskompani; and her second solo, ‘SHE’ (2019) which premiered at Festival Quartier Danse at Place des Arts in Montreal. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Dorotea Saykaly danced with Compagnie Marie Chouinard from 2006-2014, performing lead roles such as Prélude à l’Après Midi d’un Faune and touring internationally. In 2014 she relocated to Sweden to join the Goteborg Danskompani where she has worked with renowned choreographers such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet, Marcos Morau and Sharon Eyal.

Emil Dam Seidel is an award winning film director. Most recently he wrote and directed the short interactive web series ‘Courage to Act’, for which he received the Silver Screen Young Director Award in Cannes in 2022. The year before he directed and produced the acclaimed dance film ‘SHE’, which had its international premiere for public audiences at the Fotografiska Museum in New York City and is screening at over 20 film festivals across the globe. Before starting his own career as a director, Emil assisted director Thomas Vinterberg on the academy award winning film ‘Another Round’ and the academy award winning director Susanne Bier on the film ‘A Second Chance’.

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