home movie - wee/francesco scavetta (Norway)


26.09 - 19.10

Residency by Norwegian dance company Wee/Francesco Scavetta. This residency will end with 3 pre-premieres of “Home Movie”, 14-16 October at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts. The preview performances will be presented just two weeks before the actual premiere at Dansens hus in Oslo, 27-30 October.

Home is where one starts from.
- T.S. Eliot

Home Movie (working title) addresses our emotional relationship to the concept of “home” as a place of warmth, comfort and love. Home as a metaphor for identity, homely coziness, conflicts and routines. A place we are welcomed and where we can be ourselves. A place where we feel safe, where the dishes can pile up. A utopian, emotional place we remember with nostalgia.

The five dancers on stage rediscover daily rituals and private memories by creating a kind of bodily map that is constantly changing before our eyes: the feeling of everyday experiences through a life course. The audience is invited to explore the stage room that creates closeness and ever-changing points of view to the show.

More information:
Home Movie at Dansens hus
Wee/Francesco Scavetta

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