18 steps through (dance)history - part II - liza penkova (Sweden)

work in progress showing

Choreography/text/dance: Liza Penkova
Dramaturgical support: Armin Kerber
Sound: Håkan Jelk
Light: Wannes de Rydt
Costume: Liza Winzel
Producer: Producentbyrån


Welcome to the work in progress showing of choreographer Liza Penkova’s new work “18 STEPS THROUGH (dance)HISTORY -PART II (working title)”. After the two weeks production residency at Vitlycke-CPA, the choreographer and her team is ready to show the progress of their work to audiences.
Time: 17 September, 18.00
Place: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts

18 STEPS THROUGH (dance)HISTORY -PART II (working title)

In PART II, Penkova delves further into the world of dance history.
Based on her own experience of encountering Western culture in her teens and later with contemporary dance art, she tries to highlight the feeling of constant delay,
a kind of temporary exclusion, which she needed to bite through to catch up with the timelines of Western contemporary aesthetics.
What did she need to do to eliminate the feeling of being out of sync?
In a continuous movement accompanied by a soundtrack of music, silence and short recorded reflections on norms and values between East and West,
Penkova shares how contemporary dance practices have given her mind and body both keys to liberation and reasons to revolt.

Liza Penkova

Liza Penkova is a Swedish dancer/choreographer based in Gothenburg. During her long international career as a dancer she has worked with the Gothenburg Opera Ballet (SE), Rosas dance company (BE), Compagnie Michele Noiret (BE) and with among others. chor. Helena Franzén (SE), Georgia Vardarou (GR) and Veli Lehtovaara (FI). Her own choreographic activities began in collective work with The house of Bertha collective (BE / SE), People coming from nowhere / Phd in one night (BE) and The silent song (BE / SE).
Since 2019, Liza has focused on her own choreographic work, most recently with the works Funambulist and 18 steps through (dance) history. Liza is also an MA student in contemporary dance didactics at Stockholm University of the Arts.

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