how we get confused (gods, ghosts and gangsters) - riina kalmi (Finland)


Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

04.07 - 10.07

Residency by dance artist Riina Kalmi.

Riina Kalmi

“I’m a dance artist based in Isojoki, South Ostrobothnia, Finland.
I work with the body and movement in different context of art, choreography and community, in Finland and abroad. I’m deeply fascinated with movement and curious about the endless variations of it. My work enters into physicality, searching for creativity embedded in body and movement.

I’m currently involved with a project called How We Get Confused (Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters), it is a collaboration with a dance artist Marcia Liu (be/hk). The project started last year 2021 and has been unfolding and tranforming itself during the way. Working with an appreciation towards the process of making plays an important role for us. We want to create a space for intuitive way of working by respecting the making as a form-generating process.

The project is about studying something intangible. Intangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s just that we do not have the standard means to perceive it. Sometimes it is necessary to imagine in order to perceive. There is a spectrum of realities that co-exist whether we are able to see it or not. We could imagine that our visible body dances together with an invisible partner, that the room is full of traces of the past. And so is our own being. The topic invites us to wonder if we are histories of ourselves. Narratives. If it is memory that solders together the processes, scattered across time, of which we are made."

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