israel aloni / lee brummer / ilYoung2022 (Sweden)


18.09 - 25.09

Residency 18-25 September 2022 by choreographers Israel Aloni, Lee Brummer and dance company ilYoung2022 to work on their new performances “Before this” and “Sometimes, not always”.


ilYoung is ilDance’s project-based junior dance company for artists between the ages of 18-27.
Lee Brummer & Israel Aloni established ilYoung in 2012 with the ambition to support excellent young and emerging artists who are at the early stages of their professional careers. The project offers professional experience, mentorship and a nationwide touring opportunity.

ilDance initiated and operates ilYoung with the goal to prepare young and emerging dancers for the ever-changing and progressing professional contemporary dance sector both in Sweden and abroad. The project creates the space and offers tools for young artists to discover more about themselves and their own practice and supports them in finding and using their own artistic voice in a professional context.

Over the years directors Aloni and Brummer have developed particular methods in which they work with young artists, some of which are specific and tailored to the ilYoung experience. These methods include different perspectives and approaches to oneself, body and community as well as physical exploration which is embedded in both choreographers’ practices and works to enhance artists individuality encouraging the young artists to unfold their potential to the fullest.

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