riina kalmi - the phenomenology of spirit(s) and how we get confused


06.12 - 12.12

During this one week long residency, choreographer Riina Kalmi is working on her new project The Phenomenology of Spirit(s) and How We Get Confused.
Project is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Riina Kalmi and The Phenomenology of Spirit(s) and How We Get Confused

"I’m a dance artist based in Isojoki, South Ostrobothnia, Finland.
I work with the body and movement in different context of art, choreography and community, in Finland and abroad. I’m deeply fascinated with movement and curious about the endless variations of it. My work enters into physicality, searching for creativity embedded in body and movement.

I’m currently involved with a project called The Phenomenology of Spirit(s) and How We Get Confused, it is a collaboration with a dance artist Marcia Liu (be/hk).

We have begun our experiments in the woods and in the studio, searching for “the phenomena of spirits”, where the physical borders and imaginative borders meet. We are curious about ourselves and our surroundings — the moment when everyday objects or occasions become alive, and what are their borders; how do we connect our borders, and where does the boundary disappear. When things become alive — we call it “the phenomenology of spirit(s)”. It confuses us, and it challenges our understanding of reality and identity. Is it the spirit(s) inside us that animates our reality, or the world of things that animates our spirits?"

More information:

The Phenomenology of Spirit(s) and How We Get Confused: video
About Riina Kalmi: website

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