Performer: Bernat Macià
Visual artist: Almudena Soullard
Musician: Miguel Molina
Sound designer: Guillem Sarrià

08.10 - 08.11

During this residency choreographer Bernat Macià works on his new dance collaboration “Diàleg Consuetudinari”.

Diàleg Consuetudinari is a creative process that starts from the dialogue between two artists and their respective disciplines. To carry out this performance we have made a collective work between Bernat Macià and Almudena Soullard where image and movement are conveyed through an ambient music composed by Miguel Molina and Guillem Sarrià.
The search for continuity in interaction has led us to the idea of living a segmented reality in which we constantly seek to make sense of it through a chronology in order to achieve a greater sense of continuity in what we do. In the discontinuous flow of reality, we propose to break down the movement and its succession. This exercise of formal and technical dismemberment operates as a way of experimentation and allows the convergence of different techniques of representation.

Bernat Macià 1994 València / Spain
From a very young age he combines his judo and ballet classes. He graduated from the Professional Dance Conservatory of València and two years later he began his studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AT), during this period he was part of creations made by Zsuzsa Rözsavölgyi and Milla Koistinen. After completing his MA in Dance and Interpretation, he joined the BODHI Project company with which he would work for two years with the resident choreographers Francesco Scavetta, Jose Agudo, Lisi Estaras and Guy Nader / Maria Campos.
He finds affinity in movement techniques that include partner work and combines them with improvisation and instant composition to enrich his movement vocabulary.

Almudena Soullard was born in 1994 in València, Spain. She began her photographic practice during her adolescence, portraying her environment and experiences. She studied photography at the School of Art and Design of València and then took the Master in Photography, Art and Technique at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has participated in various group exhibitions at centers such as the CCCC in Valencia, Es Baluards in Palma de Mallorca or Centro Centro Civeles in Madrid. She has carried out two projects in the form of a photobook: TM trade mark, where she reflects through a visual essay on the cultural devastation of tourist exploited spaces; and recently publishes Atlas Y, with Yael Vidal, an ongoing project around the visibility of trans identities from a queer perspective, for which they receive the III Prize for the Artistic Creation of the Regidoria de Joventut del Ajuntament de València. Her photographic practice and her relationship with the image is traversed by a critical perspective of the social use of it and she seeks a way to create a methodology to generate incisive images that contribute to create critical culture about our lives and bodies.

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