dora pocedić & linda tarnovski

erasmus+ traineeship

06.10 - 19.12

Dora Pocedić and Linda Tarnovski are two graduates from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, that are doing their Erasmus+ traineeship at Vitlycke – CPA and developing a new dance project during their stay at the performing arts centre.

Dora Pocedić and Linda Tarnovski are recent graduates from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. After having an opportunity to make Hunting Family #6 with Francesco Scavetta, they come to Vitlycke-CPA for Erasmus+ traineeship program. They take this traineeship as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience in the professional dance field.

During their stay, they are also working on their own idea for a new project:
“We are interested in the fact how sharing a closed space has a consequence of creating physical and psychological shifts in ourselves. Inspired by the avant-garde animated film “Tango” by Zbigniew Rybczynski, we address the notion of how we treat the space we inhabit, how we divide it, give a function, content, a name to it. We ask ourselves what is the influence we have on the space and how it reciprocally influences us back. Our current work in progress dives into the behavioral adjustments towards a specific imaginative closed space as well as into the inability to communicate with another person inside it. We think of space as a communication filter, which sediments information we give out to each other, but there is a requirement for another kind of communication, which is known only to us.”

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