still love


Title: Still Love
Concept & Choreography: Csenger K.Szabo, Fenia Chatzakou
Performance: Csenger K.Szabo, Fenia Chatzakou
Dramaturgical advice: Rodia Vomvolou
Assistance: Norbert Varga
Music: Clelia Patrono

23.08 - 04.09

Residency from 23 August to 4 September 2021 by artists Fenia Chatzakou and Csenger K.Szabo.

Still love

Fenia and Csenger reject fragmentation, and they think love, care and meaning can offer an antidote, as they are central in the human hierarchy of needs. They see the creative space as a cross-section between multiple contexts, where seemingly contradicting forces can coexist. We are creative people, who can cultivate relationships through art, and embrace celebration of life as a higher aim in our dance practice. By active attention and phyisical dialogues, we create a field, where we can play a multitude number of games, asking our bodies to participate, and our minds to be non-judgemental observers in the process. In these moment to moment engagements, scenes emerge, where we let a loose structure to facilitate frequent discoveries. We give space for the element of surprise, so that different meaning can eminate. By following the thread of these sense and movement sequences, this becomes our couples therapy as well as individual-collective expression. This is our attempt to take responsibility in the larger events happening in our environment.

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