sanningen, jag svär! - elnaz paiamani & mpululu ntuve


02.08 - 20.08

During this residency by the dance artists Elnaz Paiamani and Mpululu Ntuve, the performers will work on their performance " Sanningen, jag svär!".

With support from Förvaltning för kulturutveckling, Västra Götalandsregionen.

Sanningen, jag svär!

A dance performance that deep dives into the current but hard issues about how we perceive our individual truths, about us living in an information society and how we consume our information, in a digitalized world.

Elnaz Paiamani & Mpululu Ntuve

Elnaz & Mpululu are freelancing dance artists from Gothenburg, Sweden. They both have dance educations as a part of their background and have also always specialized in hiphop cultures different sub genres within dance. Together they have come to second place in Scandinavia’s biggest streetdance competition, Juste Debout Nordic, in the Locking category. Their artistry is a product of a limitless way of expression between different worlds of dance art.

More information on youtube

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