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Live and Let Live

Conceived and directed by: Nazareth Panadero, Michael Strecker, Adolphe Binder and Meritxell Aumedes
Performers: Nazareth Panadero and Michael Strecker.
Video Artist: Meritxell Aumedes
Producers: Adolphe Binder, Meritxell Aumedes, Nazareth Panadero, Michael Strecker
Coproducers: CCC Teatros del Canal + Teatros del Canal Madrid,
Festival Grec de Barcelona
Supported by: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts – Sweden, Artistic Residency at J. Subicz in Jagniątków – Poland, Goethe Institut Madrid – Spain

Two Die For

Direction, Choreography and Performance: Nazareth Panadero and Michael Strecker
Producers: Nazareth Panadero, Michael Strecker Work in Progress 2022
Supported by: CCC Teatros del Canal Madrid, Adolphe Binder, Meritxell Aumedes, Residencia Artistica J. Subicz in Jagniątków – Poland Version 2019
Supported by: TTW Pina Bausch

19.07 - 31.07

The residency from 19 to 31 July for the project Vive y deja vivir (“Live and let Live”) by Nazareth Panadero & Co.

Composed in two parts:
“Live and Let Live” (new creation – a collaboration from N. Panadero / M. Strecker / A. Binder / M. Aumedes ) 30’ Min.
“Two Die For” (work in progress – duet N. Panadero / M. Strecker) 30’ Min.

Duration: 1 hour.
World Première / Spanish Première – February 2022.
From 24 to 27 February 2022 – Sala Negra, Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Spain (Pre-Showing Nov. 7, 2021)

Live and Let Live
World Première

Two basic emotions of humans are fear and hope. Mutual as much as individual experiences of the four makers will reflect on the roles and juxtapositions of hope and fear in society, the possible meanings of freedom, vulnerability and rite of passage. Promoting diversity and experimentation, while exercising critical thought and intimate emotion, they encounter an open dialogue between past, present and future, a portrait of the own fears and hopes and what moves us as humans and collective; loosely knit into an abstract narrative. The creation plays with the composition and layerings of live performance and video projections, speculating on uncertainty as a vital and necessary motor in life and in the arts.

Two Die For
Spanish Première

We started “Two Die For” out of an indescribable feeling and the need to work out something which leaves us behind with no more words. Things happened and whatever it did to me – I hope it’s visible in this duet. What we do is what moves us. If we explain it, we lose it. It reflects who we were then, but it is only what you can see right now. The very moment. What remains. Why is our heart so hard? What I do makes sense to me. If it makes even a tiniest sense to those who are watching then that means: our duet tells of a truth that is not just my own. But I can’t explain. There are sentences, words, that moved us when everything seemed immobile. Our secret. Read between the lines. Maybe… Loss. Betrayal. Eviction. Rejection. This is how we learned it from Pina over the years. And there is always a reason to dance. At least one.

Spoken word used in: Spanish, German and English

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