residency by craft

Choreography and structure: Takuya Fujisawa
Dancer: Malin Kvist / Beda Åsbrink
Script: Beda Åsbrink / Takuya Fujisawa

14.06 - 20.06

During this residency, the artist collective “Craft” (members: Takuya Fujisawa, Marlin Kvist, Beda Åsbrink) will work on their new creation “Barlast”.

Concept of ”Barlast”

The etymology is old German / Scandinavian. It means “bare”, which in turn means “worthless (cargo)”.

Concept: How to create balance in life
Contradiction / Connection / Disconnection and the feeling of Border

The word barlast is ironic. The cargo itself has no value, but the act of loading or throwing it away brings it value – to create balance.

We naturally rid ourselves of things, words and memories – keeping our personality balanced by forgetting. What is important for us to be able to create balance in our life? How do we as transplants connect to a new community or environment? What are the things we connect ourselves to when we feel lost?

We find so often, as dancers, that we are spoiled in regards to connection. We have been given a way of communicating without words in a world where language barriers are so often what prevents us from reaching an understanding with others. In this research, we are exploring and creating a piece that breaks those boundaries, using movement as an engine for agreement and disagreement, and drawing on the child-like practices of playing games.

Takuya Fujisawa (Choreographer, Dancer)

Partita – Choreography by Örjan Andersson
Barlast – Choreographed for Februaridans
Craft – Choreographed for Royal Swedish Ballet School

2015-2020: GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (Sweden)
2014-2015: The Forsythe Company (Germany)
2008-2014: Noism (Japan)

Beda Åsbrink (Dancer)


Internship ICoDaCo (international Contemporary Dance Collective)
Internship GöteborgsOperan ”Carmen”

Global Water Project charity project
Balettakademien productions
- ”Terminus Vivendi” Choreographed by Jarek Cemerek
- “Safe” Choreographed by Camilla Ekelöv
- “Medusa” Dance project at Borås art museum, choreographed by Rebecca Evanne
- ”Ingen rök utan eld” dance project at Röda sten konsthall, choreographed by Lovisa Baldal
- “Disoriented” Vara konserthus, choreographed by Toby Fitzgibbons

Malin Kvist (Dancer)


Nixon in China
- Choreography by Nathan Johnston (orig. John Ross)
- Scottish Opera, Glasgow
- Theatre Royal Glasgow; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Intoto Dance Tour
- Choreography by Nathan Johnston & Luke Brown
- England tour incl. The Place, London

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