nor∂ur - karolin kent / sarah armstrong

Norður is a Nordic cross-disciplinary collaboration between choreographers, dance filmmakers and performance artists Karolin Kent (SE) and Sarah Armstrong (DK), filmmaker and photographer Baijie Curdt- Christiansen (DK), sound artist Tami Tamaki (SE), costume designer Valeriya Olkhovas (DK).
Produced by: GoldDigger productions Supported by: Västra Götalands Regionen, Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival, Kulturkontakt nord, Lokstallet, Sláturhúsinu, Vitlycke – Center for Performing Arts and Kultur i Väst.

13.07 - 28.07

Residency supported by Kultur i Väst, in collaboration with Vitlycke Centre For Performing Arts.

Norður is a physical journey into the landscapes of Iceland and an ongoing investigation of textures and contours of nature. In a time where our cities are rapidly expanding and space is occupied by commercials, social media and time mostly capitalized – Norður will move as something in between.
Norður will physically, emotionally and theoretically explore the elements found in the landscapes that surround us and mirror in our inner being.

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