mykorrhiza - ina dokmo


Koreografi av Ina Dokmo.
Performers/dansare Jonny Berg, Majula Drammeh, Alice MacKenzie, Ina Dokmo,(2019-2020 även Alexandra Wingate)
Ljud av Helena Persson, Ina Dokmo, Ejnar Askberger. Kostym av Alexandra Wingate, Ina Dokmo. Foto/Grafisk design/Film av David Relan.

Med stöd av Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Göteborg Stad, Kultur Härryda, Danscentrum Väst, Region Norrbotten. I samarbete med Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla kommun, Bjällansås Studio, Medborgarskolan Göteborg, Studiefrämjandet Norra Älvsborg, NBV.

19.04 - 25.04

Residency for the project “Mykorrhiza” by Ina Dokmo.


- an ongoing choreographic work with dance, sound and conversations
The work is a series of explorations and conversations around experiences of belonging.
What do you feel intertwined with as you read this?

Mykorrhiza explores matter as intelligent, living and intra/interconnecting. The work wonders about humans´ positioning of their own matter in relation to other matter and examines people’s perceived relationships inside and outside their skin.
How is the self, the we, affected by our environment? Can we hear how we affect and are affected by our surroundings by listening to our own body’s intelligence?

Contemplation around interconnections seems valuable at a time when the earth’s ecosystem is cracking, tipping. Can experiences of interconnection make a difference in how we choose to take care of life on earth?

Mykorrhiza is the relationship between the fungus’ hyphae / mycelium (fungal threads) and the roots of a plant when they live in symbiosis with each other. By penetrating the roots of the plant with fine underground fungal threads, the fungus helps the plant to absorb water and nutrients, while at the same time obtaining organic compounds from the plant.

Read more about Ina Dokmo and Mykorrhiza at: Ina Dokmo

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