the car ‘a‘ van


25.01 - 30.01

Residency by Unni Britta Kangas, Mari Vittradotter, Agniete Lisickinaite and Greta Grineviciute. During this week long stay at Vitlycke – CPA, the artists will work on their new project “THE CAR ‘ A ‘ VAN”.

Project supported by Förvaltningen för kulturutveckling, Västra Götalands regionen and Contemporary dance association.

Who are we?
We are two artists from Sweden and two artists from Lithuania in collaboration during a dance residence. The main idea was to meet and work in Sweden and Lithuania, due to corona a new solution was suggested. Currently, the direction of the residence is to create short films based on specific themes. We use methods such as relating to props, sites and character work. Something that interests us is the fact that we are based in different countries. We wish to let our different experiences and perspectives come through and to explore how it affects the work.

“They start to pull thing after thing, they change their appearances – they dance – they talk – they eat – they create their world and then leave to another place – everything that is left it is only a sense that for those who witnessed this experience – the place will never be the same.”

Unni Britta and Mari share a common dance background, mainly as contemporary dancers. They come together in their interest in physical theatre, multidisciplinary work and feminism. Streetdance and writing is a big part of Unni Britta as an artist; an upcoming project it to perform her piece Mosquito Nights in collaboration with Riksteatern. Mari finds a meeting with people to be an important key to create art. She is currently working with the dance group Moving Queens, the association Moving Spaces and with her piece Head Space.

BE COMPANY is an independent organisation of contemporary dance art. Two socially active and determined choreographers, Agniete Lisickinaite and Greta Grineviciute, are willing to defend their beliefs, freedoms, and the rights of social minorities. The artists seek to create a cohesive dialogue between the performing arts and social activities as well as to expand the boundaries of diversity and self-expression not only in Lithuania. For these reasons, they regularly collaborate in different artistic and socio-cultural projects with the LGBT+ community, national minorities, different age groups, and more.

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