leap intensive project

Summer workshops for professional dancers

29.06 - 05.07

LEAP (Learn, exchange, apply, practice) is a EU project designed for contemporary dance teachers to exchange and discuss relevant practices in their teaching. LEAP offers teaching residencies / research, teaching invitations at our European partner organisations, teachers exchanges in several countries and mobilities to the yearly symposiums in Vienna.
The goal of LEAP is to support dance teachers in their development and propelling forward contemporary dance. LEAP is part of the IDOCDE network at, where the LEAP process and results are made visible.

LEAP Partners:
ICK - International Choreographic Arts Centre (NL)
ISLO - Eastern Finland Sport Institute (FI)
Le Pacifique | CDC  (FR)
Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)
Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts (SE) 
Wiener Tanzwochen (AT)

Dance workshops for professionals dancers and evening dance classes for locals participants by Nicolas Hubert, Rakesh Sukesh, Kerstin Kussmaul, Keren Levi and Sanna Myllylahti
Dance class for non professional participants:
30.06.2015 –  Nicolas Hubert
01.07.2015  - Rakesh Sukesh: ”Payatt Intransit”
02.07.15 - Kerstin Kussmaul: ”The psoas connection”
03.07.15 – Keren Levi: ”Reality bites” 
04.07.15 – Sanna Myllylahti: ”The space of being”

Leap intensive 1 nicolas
Leap intensive 1
Leap intensive 3 nicolas
Leap intensive 2 nicolas
Leap intensive 3
Leap intensive 4 nicolas
Leap intensive 4
Leap intensive 5 nicolas
Leap intensive rakesh 1
Leap intensive rakesh 2
Leap intensive rakesh 3
Leap intensive rakesh 4
Leap intensive sanna

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