landslide/skredrasröse camilla ekelöf


Chorepgrapher: Camilla Ekelöf
Sound composer and performer: Adrian Aburto Essén
Dancer och performer: Oliver Mahar
Filmmaker, actor och performer: Georgios Giokotos

03.08 - 21.08

During this residency, Swedish chorepgrapher Camilla Ekelöf and her team will work on their new choreographic process/piece called LandSlide (Swe: Skred ras röse (working title)). The piece is inspired by nature and relationship between human and nature: how we affect nature and how nature affects us.

Residency in collaboration with Kultur i Väst.

Skredrasröse (working title) can be translated into LandSlide a choreographic process inspired by nature. It’s effect on us as humans and ours upon it.

Lead words: Stone over time, Ice Ages, Moss, Water, Wind, Humans, History, Sand, Mortality, Vitality, Decay.

Camilla Ekelöf about the Skredrasröse: "Together with my fellow collaborators I will research and explore stone as material, it’s structure, it’s components, it’s action and in which circumstances it has to exist.

What happens when things deteriorate and collapse? Through excursions throughout nature and within our bodies we will search for the identity and the core of the project. We will merge our observations into choreographic paths and structures. Both visually, with sound and by projected images. We will use the human body as a channel and physic expression of nature’s existence and also turn our focus on its antagonist.
I want to research friction, condition, motivation, explosion, confrontation, collision, performance and the tactile notion of an avalanche.
The harness of nature by mankind has been a constant habit. We borrow and use it to our advantage. What is nature’s reply?"

“In the time of Covid-19 many of us have turned to nature and so have I. My gaze has lifted from myself as a person to what surrounds me. The time of reflection has been opposed on me. It sounds very poetic but has been more of a gathering of information which nature so clearly gives.
I’ve studied landslides (sked) of all kinds. The water level in the river of Häggån have gone up and down depending on the heat or rain. It has been floods and almost draught. I observe its history and its future.
The decay is there, and the recovery is a fight and is as evident as the struggle. My thought of the transitory condition goes to the human body. Who will win this game or is it really a competition?

Fritsla where I live has been my starting point and first study. The second phase has been method searching, exploring and sharing in Gotland at the dance residency of 2020 at Länsteatern Gotland together with Adriana Aburto Essén. The residency at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts will be the phase three.

During the residency me and my colleague Adriana Aburto Essén will continue our search of the meaning of this stage project together with Georgios Giokotos and Oliver Mahar all from different practices. We have a plan of a digital platform where the audience can be a part of the work and maybe even dictate the course of events. Methods for the digital and public meeting will be researched and tried out during the residency. Sound will be gathered as well as movement.

The vision is a physical, tactile, sweaty, smelly, eradicate, flowy and meditative art piece. With visual reminders, highlights and effects. And sound that mirrors nature and the human body."

Camilla Ekelöf Production lead by the choreographer Camilla Ekelöf is a project based cluster and dance company of invited artists from diversified practices.

Camilla is educated at the University School of Dance, DOCH, in Stockholm, and in New York at Steps and Dancespace, where she worked as a dancer for several years. During 2016-2018 she studied a master at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg, Contemporary Performative Arts. From there on a shift in her practice has begun.

Her work has been performed in theaters in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, England, South Korea, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Camilla is frequently hired as choreographer for music theater, theater and opera. She has worked at institutions such as Stockholm Stadsteater, the Gothenburg Opera, Boras City Theater, Helsingborg City Theater, Malmö Opera, Theater Halland, and Vaasa City Theater in Finland and others.

She has collaborated with the East African dance scene for 20 years. The year of 2010 she started the streedance based company DDI-Dar es Salaam Dance International in Tanzania.

Camilla was an artistic director and choreographer for Regionteater Väst in Borås from year 2009-2016 where she created 15 pieces. Furthermore, Camilla has worked with the communitybased dance company in Biskopsgården Moving Queens, been a course leader of the College year in Streedance and teacher at DOCH, rehearsal director and choreographer assistant at Skånes Dansteater and an artistic advisor for the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg. She is hired as a guest teacher, coach and mentor in choreography in Sweden and abroad. In the fall of 2020 she will start her new employment as an Artistic director of Unga Spira att Smålands musik och teater in Jönköping.

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